I'm Oh So Queer

I am not a lesbian, but I am not straight.  If I label myself, I say I'm queer, which to me encompasses anything that is not heterosexual.  I don't like the term bisexual because I do not acknowledge that there are only two genders: male and female.  I believe that there are gender variants and people who fall into both and neither gender.

I like people and I am open to the possibility of falling in love and/or making a life with anyone.

Sometimes, I don't feel that I fit into the gay community because I don't feel part of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) labels.  I like when people throw the "Q" at the end of LGBT.

Almost all of my friends are queer and my best friend is what she calls a "dyke".  She's my dyke and I love her dearly.  I am very protective of her even though she doesn't need protecting.  She has faced terrible discrimination for her sexuality from others and her own family.

The family members that know about my sexual difference are accepting and love me.  My mom has finally started to say, "You need to meet a man...or woman who is..."  That makes me smile.

If you're queer and here and even if you're not so fabulous, message me or scribble on my board.  I'd like to meet more people in the community.  Meeting people like myself makes me feel like I belong.  Thanks for reading my story.

Much love.
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2007

Its great that your mom is very supportive... And I like that you don't want to label yourself... it really doesn't matter... we love who we love... :)

pansexual, that pretty much describes me, though my preference is for women most of the time. I think most people are on a continuum about their sexuality, I think I I'm probably 80/20 women/men in my preferences.

Good for you. My mom kinda has a "feeling" but she never asks me.

That's awesome that your mom is so accepting. I could only bring myself to lie and tell my mom that I'm bi--even though I'm a lesbian [and that's only because she practically forced it out of me] and she doesn't even acknowledge that side of me. You are really lucky. =)