So many guys are adding me :|

I am lesbian!!!

Get it through your head I am not interested in you unless you just want to be my friend which I doubt that.

You can not pretend to be a girl

You can not keep talking to me when I said no

You can not suck up to me

Thanks bye
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are you really? or just trying to keep them away lol

I agree with you, be clear on who and what you to share

Hey look everybody another person on here who says they are a lesbian, and who also is a huge ******* to every guy! This is why I hate lesbians on this site!!!

Check out my Lebian Ladies stories on my page! Like and heart for more(:

hahaha, tell me about it! lol

I feel you. I actually have a guy friend on here though and he is so sweet. He always asks how I am and if I need to talk and he never makes a move.

Because you look pretty that's why they keep adding you and maybe they think that's because your young its just a phase in your life and they think maybe that they can change you..

Pretty much..

How about u ignore them instead of saying no. U dont even have to accept the message.

I wanted to post this for guys to see before they message me

The thirst is real hun

Please stay my friend. I don't want anything more. I just want a friend who won't leave me like others did.


Why am I a Whiner?

oooh please stay my friend ooooh boohoo

And she's 13-15 and you tried hitting on her

No I didn't


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