I want a girl that's not afraid to pick up and go on a spontaneous road trips with me. The kind of girl that will laugh at me while I'm dancing around in just a Cowboys jersey. I want someone I can surprise with breakfast in bed, and someone that will surprise me with a lap dance after work. We may fight and argue, but we can't stay mad at each other longer because we can't stand not being able to talk to each other. The type of girl that can appreciate the small things like laying on a blanket outside, looking at the stars and talking about our dreams and passions, that's the kind of girl I see myself with. I want a partner to join me while I sing Britney Spears at the top of my lungs. I just want someone to tell me I'm beautiful and kiss the top of my head when they think I'm sleeping. I would send her good morning texts and tell her how special she is to me, and leave her cute little notes in her car. On a rainy day I want to stay in bed with her and watch our favorite movies, making love, and eating ice cream. I want a girl that will wear my sweatshirts because she loves that they smell like me.We would buy a cat together and make plans for our future. I want to take a girl to Disney World and kiss her in front of Cinderella's castle. All I'm saying….is if this type of girl exists….I would give her the world.
atheGAYlouise atheGAYlouise
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4 Responses Aug 31, 2014

oh so sweet! how beautiful... Gold bless u! my gal does a few things u shared... we had our first kiss on 29th feb at NV! i am mad to her...

Ok that's so me!! Once a year I use my vac time and just start driving!!!!

Nicely said.wat i can say is u hv a lot to gv n dat special someone would be very happy.wish u all the best sweety

That's beautiful

Thank you! So are you :)

Thank You :)