Out In The Open And Not Ashamed...

I have known since I was nine or ten that I was "different."  I think around age 12 is when I made the connection between the different feelings and being gay.  My first girlfriend, if you can call her that, came along at age 15.  We dated online, her three states away from me.  We were "in love" and when we broke up it broke my heart.  I had dated two boys prior, but it just didn't feel right.  I was trying to be "normal" like so many lesbians before me had.  

I tried to come out early in HS, but I came out as bi, thinking it would be easier.  My sister and mother called it a phase and told me to choose one.  My father had no comment.  I was crushed.  Between my friends and at school I was an out and proud lesbian.  At home I was closeted.  Then I had my first real girlfriend my senior year in HS.  When I left for college I left her behind and I left my parents with my final outing- I'm gay and not going to change.  I am very lucky in that both my parents adjusted well and so did my sister.  

Since then I've been very active in the LGBT community and am much happier since I came out.  I have been fortunate to find the love of my life, whom I've been with for two years.  We were engaged January 2009 and were just married this past Friday!  It was earlier than planned due to some legal issues (i was sick and her job wouldn't let her take time off because we weren't legally together), but we're still planning a big wedding and reception in September (complete with two bridal gowns!).

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I am so happy for you! This is just so wonderful... congratulations!!!!!