I Am Not a Bad Girl But I Have My Sad Moments


I am going to a dance tonight. and I confess that I want to be nutty and make my ex lover a little bet jealous, the problem is I don't know anyone at the dance except her and her girlfriend. I just want to have fun and laugh a little. My heart is broken but I have to let her go I just want to show her what she will be missing ..any ideas??? I know it is useless but that is what I want to do for now until I am completely over her. I never done anything like that before I always take care of people and today I want take care of myself ...only me for one night. it is not too much to ask for ..is it???

drmctchr drmctchr
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Thank you..I needed that..I just wanted to say it out loud...I was planning to go before I knew she was going too with her GF. My story is more complicated than that, she had her GF for the last 3 years now, 2 of them with me as a lover on the side....I know WRONG in every way, but the feeling between us is over whelming to ignore..Any way I end it but she still saying all the things that gets me going, about how much she wants and love me, and how it was a bad timing to meet and all that, all while trying to kiss me one sec and run away from me the next.... I just want to LET HER GO FOREVER...I will try my best tonight to just make new friends and have fun...