Losing Faith

I'm tense and angry and just generally disgusted with the stupidity of the human race. I can't believe the **** that has happened, I can't believe how cruel people can be. You think you know someone, you think they're a good person and they turn out to be pitiful ***** not worth the bullet it would take to put them out of the world's misery.

I live in a small, religious community. If you're gay, bisexual, black, transgender, or not a baptized Christian, you run the risk of being lynched. It's never been a problem for me. I'm not really sure why. I guess it's mostly because I let people know that I don't care what they think. I stand up for myself. Smile to their faces, rip their hearts out when they're asleep. They just know not to **** with me.

Also, as someone here on EP pointed out, lesbians and bisexual girls are hot and sexy, not little wet dreams. But gay men or bisexual men are scorned and looked down on, like they are less a man because they like other men in "that" way. Stupid, narrow-minded hypocrites.

I went to a party with some friends last night. Afterwards, we all piled into this guy Dylan's Dodge and went out to raise hell and lay rubber. There were four guys in the bed of the truck, two girls as well as Dylan and myself in the cab. I was the only sober one (my stepdad would whup my *** if he caught me drunk). Dylan got a little too handsy after a while, so I switched places with one of the girls, saying I needed air. I was pressed up against the door and this strange girl was kissing my neck and licking around in my ear. Dylan had this self-satisfied leer onhis lips that made me want to slap the taste out of his mouth.

We were on the back roads, slinging dust and gravel. Up ahead of us, this car was stalled beside the road with a flat tire. Dylan started to fly by, but then he slammed on the breaks and backed up. The girl that had been tonguing my neck hit her head on the dashboard and started giggling hysterically. ******* wasted.

At first, I thought we were gonna help out. But then I recognized one of the two guys standing beside the car and I got this sick feeling in my stomach. He was this kid max, from school. I have a few classes with him. He's nice and smart, kinda shy. Also gay. The other guy was his younger brother. You could tell by the looks on their faces that they knew something bad was gonna happen.

Dylan got out of the truck, his cronies jumping out of the truck bed to follow him. I sat in the truck at first, just really scared. The boys made a circle around Max and his brother. They started calling him a ******, kicking dust at him, spitting on him. He backed up so that his back was against his car. Two guys moved forward, grabbed his arms to hold him still. Dylan started punching him, inthe face, the stomach. There were these dull thudding sounds I could hear even in the truck, kinda like someone catching a football with their stomach. Max's brother tried to stop them and got a busted head for it.

I couldn't just sit there and I bolted outta the truck. I started beating my fists into dylan's back, screaming at him to stop. Someone grabbed me from behind and held my arms to my sides, laughing in my ear. Dylan kneed Max in the balls and max hit his knees and there were theses huge tears rolling down his face. Dylan grabbed his hair and started grinding his crotch into Max's face. He said something, but all I caught was the word "caocksucker".

Dylan tried to get me back into the truck, but I shoved him back. He tried to kiss me and I slapped his face. He raised his fist to hit me, thought better of it and stormed off.

Max is okay, physically at any rate. I feel so bad that something like this happened to him. He didn't do anything wrong! He's not a rapist or a *********, he's just a ******* kid! Why are people this way? Why so much hate?
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4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Dylan is a P*ssy Fart! I'm a big, bad*ss dyke....and I would have kicked his p*ssy little *ss for him! Guys cause too many problems and they need to be corrected! But what's pathetic is that they don't mess w/ anyone bigger than themselves- only people they can beat down (because they're cowards). I think we should have a penal system that puts people to death when they kill someone- intentionally! Period! No sitting on death row! I think they should put serial rapists to death! Kiddy-gropers should also get the juice! We put up w/ too much bullsh*t in this world! Too many bad men out there that need to disappear!

I'm tired of being nice about it! Time to get real and call a spade a spade! Time to get honest- and the truth can be ugly!

I had a similar experience not too long ago. Some guy came up to me and said he was going to "**** some sense" into me. He should have known better.

I know many Christians. None would do this act of violence. it is against any reasonable interpretation of scripture. <br />
<br />
Have Max press charges. That is a crime and you are a witness. Your friend should be in prison for that. It is not kids being kids....it is a prelude to murder.

You need new friends sweetie . I could never mix with thugs like that . D. Has a problem if reported he would hard time. My advice you don't need wankers and cowards like that in your life. They make me sick , and how long before someone or even you get hurt . The world is big explore and leave the jerks to rot. Lol x