Well This Is Me...i Guess

OK well I am 14 and i just made this...um thing....I haven't had a long time to think about this sort of thing much but i just can't get it out of my head. its starting to kill me from the inside out =/. See, there's this girl that i have fallen for on multiple occasions and i just need help on not hitting the ground every time i do. shes 12 but she is really mature for her age. i'm in the 8Th shes in the 7Th. this coming fall i'm a Freshmen. but for right now i'm a hopeless kid who needs their soul picked up... This girl i'm crazy for i've known for about 3-4 years. Her name is Angel Feeler (real fitting huh lol). i met her at a friends b-day party and the party was at a hotel.(i know..strange place for a b-day party o.O) i had no idea she was going though. she rides my bus home and i never really talked to her before that party. we ended up sleeping really close...(after all there were about 11 cheerleaders and well me in a room) (NOTE: I am very Butch/Tomboy/Dyke/etc. and i HATE cheer leading but i have some exceptions) it drove me crazy and that's all it took i suppose. 

Now, i'm still crazy for her, and idk if i always will be but i just can't pull myself to get mad at her at all...even after all the bull **** shes put me through. i love her so much i'd give my life for her...but i know she wouldn't do that for me. =/ but yet i still yearn for her. She is the only reason i get up in the morning, can't fall asleep at night, and even dream.
But,sadly the feeling is not mutual...well not that i know of at least.


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Whos' the hottie in the pic? lol Angel or you? I know what you mean.... all during school I had multiple crushes on my straight girl friends.... it hurts to have those feelings unreturned... but believe me it does get better and there is a whole lot of time for you to find the one for you. But you'll never forget your first love. Hang in there girl. X