I'm changing to say the least, and not in dramatic ways such as growing a new arm or moving overseas. I can feel a difference when my ex and I get together. I did the dumb thing and invited her over for a bite to eat and talk. Suprisingly I found it nice. We were brutally honest with each other about how things didn't work out. We also became more confused about where to go from here. Do we want to eventually date when things are clearer, or will they ever become clear? What happens if someone meets another person? It will be probably impossible to accept. God why do I do this crap! Grrrr!

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

It will get easier. One step at a time. Don't keep exes around, it is like hanging on to a ghost.

Thanks so much, and you are right. Its hard to move on. I think its the habits that are the hardest to break (excuse the chicago song reference). What to do what to do. I am getting out more though and meeting up with people I havent seen in ages. Its a weird complex bubble of hell.