im 21 and still in the coming out process. i first thought i was gay when i was 13 but somehow made excuses for my attraction to women and went on w/ being "normal". It wasnt until i was 19 and in college that i realized that i was gay. I had been w/ men and just thought that i wasnt comfortable because i hadnt found the right one. When i had my first experience w/ a woman i instantly felt.....normal for the first time. I  didnt want the night to end; thats when i knew. Im a femme who loves other femmes lol.

2 yrs later and my friends, coworkers, and the majority of my family knows. Lately ive been having a hard time coming out to my mom though and not sure how to do it. If you have any advice or ?s please feel free....this is why i joined the website

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Oh sweetie so glad you told her . Proud of you . Yes like all mums she hurt because you didn,t tell her first . She needs to be told that you were so worried about telling her thats why you held back , tell from now on you need her support to talk to , and share your life . She loves you and will love and accept you partner too. Mums need daughters to tell them everything and often feel a failure when left out . <br />
Get her a massive bunch of flowers and a card and write what you mum mean to you in your life and give to her . Trust me see needs to know she is needed and you need her . Lol x

so i finally told my mom yesterday!!!!....and to my surprise she took it very well....totally ok....but the only thing that she IS upset about it my family knowing for so long without saying anything to her....at the moment she isnt speaking to them and i knw i have to give her time to deal w/ that but i dnt knw

ok so i had a plan on coming out to her....dinner and a one on one talk after in a park or something....i was more ready than i had ever been......but then my grandmother went into the hospital (shes fine now) but i couldnt bring myself to put "this" on her at the same time....plus she canceled dinner w/ me to help her husband with something for school (which really upset me)....now i feel like i dont have the courage anymore to tell her anytime soon

Good luck my sweetie and remember its hard sometime for mums to understand , if she takes it bad just give her time , love will win. Lol and my best wishes go with you with love x

thank you very much for the advice. yeah i plan on it being one on one with her. im very proud of who i am and thats why i believe it is time to tell her. lol wish me good luck and i'll let you knw how it goes.

Sweetie first i'm glad you have found yourself , being honest with everyone makes life easy for all . I have always i'm bi sexual and have a site on here saying it . I'm proud of who and what i am . So should you. One quite day sit you mum down and and tell her you want to be honest about you sexuality to her. She will understand , may not like it ,and may take time to accept it . There be tears either way , but she will love you just the same you will see. Sweetie tell her on your own with her , mums seem to handle it when its private,mother to daughter . Good luck my sweetie , here if you want to talk . Lol xx