I Am A Lesbian... But...

I'm a lesbian. No, i don't hate men, but I just cannot love them as I do women.

I married a woman. Yes, legally, in the UK.

Then, after we were married a while, she told me she was going to transition to male. Later, she left me for a person transitioning the other way.

Life can really throw some curves.

Comixchik Comixchik
46-50, F
5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Comixchik, I can not be of further help to you as that would require more than the purely intellectual understanding of love that I possess.

We were together for several years before marrying. All that time, and she never told me, never let on. if I misjudged a person I was so close to, how do I know I won't do it again? And is it worth the pain? These are all real risks that make me think seriously about not loving again.

Of course you can love again, you cannot lose the ability. You can however be born without it, but that is not the case with you. And I do not hate men per se, but I hate when they hit on me assuming that I am straigh.

You would be guessing correctly. I'm so hurt I don't know if I can love again.

Wow. Well I am guessing you are kind of hurting right now.