Here's The Plan...

i've come out to like all my friends and they're all cool with it

my uncle knows (i still don't know how he guessed it though) and i'm cool with that

but, the only people on planet earth that don't seem to know yet are my parents

they've lost so much of my trust already (i'd been running away since the age of like 11 or something and finally left at 16...being 17 now) that i don't want to tell them any time soon

growing up they've always told me (and my sis...who also doesn't know) they didn't care who we brought home as long as we were happy....well they made me so unhappy that now they don't know about me

and i plan on not telling them....ever....they're to find out at my wedding (whenever that is and whoever its with)


am i being stupid about this at all?

AllHallowsEve AllHallowsEve
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5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

No you are not being stupid. I felt the same coming out to my parents. This actually happened nearly two years ago now. My mother, the parent I am living with, is not accepting of it, but she does try to deal. If your parents say they will love you no matter what you are, trust them. Its ok to be afraid to come out to your parents. Once you do, believe me it will be a big relief! You won't have to fear about what they will think, or worry about them accidentally finding out. <br />
However there is no rush in telling them. Do it when you are ready.

You have alot of anger sweetie , don't let it burn you soul . Read about other and feel our pain and anger . Use it to build a future and not destroy . Sometimes we all feel alone and not understood , find the inner you and enjoy lìfe , before its to late . X

as if i'd hug them xD<br />
and what they don't know can't be hurting them eh?<br />
they're the last people on planet earth i plan on telling...and yeah, i do sorta rub it in their faces that they don't know anything about me at all<br />
they never listened to me when i lived with them so thats their own fault

Yeah sweetie you need to tell them . What ever problems you have had , why take it out on them . What a sad refection on you to want to hurt them . Why inflick pain and hurt when you don't have to. Be strong and break this endless merry go round of pain . To late when their dead . Time to mature my sweetie x

Yep. Parents sound cool. The "as long as you are happy" comment says it all.<br />
<br />
Go Give them a hug and tell them the truth.<br />
<br />
Good Luck<br />
<br />