I Fell In Love When I Saw Her

Me and now my current girlfriend were meant to be together and I can't believe how right it feels. I am always one of them people who say no I don't like relationships being single is way more fun! But this time, well this time is completely different. Just her name makes me smile ear to ear.

     The first ever time we had a conversation we were talking  roughly nine hours was great, now we still have the same conversations. Its something that you feel and that you can't explain how you feel. Words can't put it across how madly deeply in love I am, I miss her when she says goodbye on the phone, I get this very weird fluttery feeling in my stomach when I look into her eyes. If this is love which I am sure it is, I well LOVE it! I could sit here all day and ramble on about her but I now have to go and be with her I can't stay away for another minute.

Love You with all my heart!! xxx

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Dave want to say thank you for the comment you made was very helpful thank you! As for the other story I wrote well I just want to say I think that it has made me a stronger person today and made me realise other things that most people would never even consider in their lifetime and for that I am thankful that my eyes have been opened up and I can take a positive from a bad situation! Thank you again for you support! x

Pleased to hear your news,though I'm a bit late.I was searching on "Cursed with a need for answers" and your story came up.Not surprisingly I was shocked,but also saddened that you seemed to be struggling to feel that you had needs of your own,after what happened to your parents.As a fellow "cursee"(if that's the right word!) I hope that you can get your own needs met without feeling that you're somehow betraying your parents.<br />
Just a concerned person you don't know(hope this is helpful)<br />

Awww! <br />
This is adorable!!!:)

I love it!! Congrats to both of you!

Awwwww.... congrats!!!! This is so wonderful!