Lock The Door, Soundproof The Walls.

Well, I'm in trouble with this one. The other night, my parents went to a party with some of their friends, like they do every Saturday night. My girlfriend was over and we got caught up in the throes of passion. There wasn't anyone there except for us and so we didn't bother to worry about how, uh, loud we were being. And then the door oppens and my mother walks in. WTF, right?!! I was so embarrassed! I didn't know what to do or say. "Uh, yeah, we are, erm.... wrestling! Naked, yes. Allows for a better grip, you know."

I think my mother almost wet herself. You should have seen her face. In another situation, it would have been comical. Now things are really crap between us. Long, awkward silences, covert glances that don't bother to hide disgust. I feel terrible. This is not the way I meant for it to come out. I was going to let them down gently. Now I think I've takin' 20 years off their lives.

Worst off all, my mother doesn't want me to see my girlfriend anymore. She thinks Alice corrupted me or something. Yeah, right. It was more the other way around. And I'm not staying away from her. We have been together since we were 12. In that time, we have only been apart for two weeks. It was the worst time in my life. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't stop thinking about her, my period was delayed. It was Hell. I love her, she's more than a lover, she's my bestfriend. I'm not going through it again and I'm not putting her through this ****.

I think my mother's problem is that she is finally realizing how little she knows about me. I'm not 7 years old anymore, I've changed. She can't bribe me with gum or kiss my cheek to make all my worries go away. I'm not the sweet little girl I used to be. I think that realization is what messes with her the most.
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3 Responses Mar 31, 2010

Do your best to get along with your parents. You are too young to support yourself and need them to help you finish maturing. This happens in heterosexual relationships also (my sister was forbidden to see her boyfriend, they married five years later). The above advice is good also, try to relate to your parents in other ways and give them time to process what they saw and what it means. This isn't easy for them either. Remember your parents have feelings too. Take care of yourself and try to work it out.

I've actually been right where you are... Don't feel bad. I'm 26, and my parents still don't agree with my lifestyle.. But you can't always worry about what everyone else thinks about you, cause either way, someone will judge you cause it's not "normal"... or the one's who judge are in the closet themselves... I know you want a good relationship with your mom, and I'm sure you want her to accept you, but that's going to take time...Just love the life you live, and live the life you love... Don't change who you are as a person, just because other people don't like it... someone will always be unhappy.... You're not that old, your parents will either come around or they won't... You'll learn to get over that eventually and go on living your life for yourself.. You'll be fine....

Your mum will hopefully be OK with your lifestyle in time. :)