It Is Inevitable.

  I know it’s wrong, I know it will lead to nothing, I know that I will be disappointed and sad when I graduate in June. 

But the truth is:

The more I talk to my English teacher, the more I fall in love with her. I also had her as a freshman, but at that stage of my life, I was filled to the brim with teenage angst which prevented me from seeing the beauty that is her. Now I have changed: I replaced my emo-esque style with skirts and flowy tops, the black eyeliner has left my eyes to show their natural beauty, my hair I used to straighten in a whoosh across my face is left in its beautiful natural curls. If she was single, I might have had a chance once I became older. But the problem is that she’s married and has two young kids. I KNOW, I KNOW. I can’t help it, though. 

When we talk, I speak to her with the same comfort I do with my close friends. We joke, and we know about each other's personal lives.

My heart wrenches after every one of our conversations. Is it out of lust? Out of knowing we can never have more than this student-teacher relationship? It hurts. 

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3 Responses Mar 31, 2010

Your welcome enjoy her as a friend and a dream .<br />
You can't lose that way , shut your eyes and she's yours , let your sex toy do the rest . If you haven't got one , get one . X

thank you, I needed to hear that from someone :]

Oh sweetie forbidden friut . She likes you and enjoys the friendship but thats it . Love her and enjoy the feeling but don't lose her as a friend. I had a fling with a student teacher in my final year , god i can remember i would stare at her all lecture , she had an amazing body . Meet her at a party one night , had to much to drink ,told her how i felt , few weeks later she asked me back to her flat , we talked and then she kissed me , god i wet my panties . We saw each other for 6 month but the pressure of teacher / student broke us up ,and we lost touch when she moved. It dosn't work darling x