I Am A Lesbian And My Girlfriend Is Pregnant.

We started dating almost two years ago. I was a lesbian and she was straight but she fell in love with me.  We didnt plan on being together that long but we fell hard and ended up moving in together.. I cheated on her when i was blacked out one night and we made up .  On saturday i knew something was wrong and i finally asked her what was up. She told me she cheated on me with a guy and founf out she was pregnant.  She told me she was going to get an abortion so our relationship can go back to normal but i love children so much and dont agree with this abortion.  She said if she has the baby the guy will want to be in its life but she wants me to be in the life as well.   She is in the closet and i am out. the guy doesnt even know along with everyone else in her friends and family.  I dont know what to do.  as much as i owe her to forgive her i dont know if the being pregnant part is making it possible.  I will have no law to keep me around but i know i would stay and raise the baby but i can see her taking it away from me eventually.

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1 Response Apr 6, 2010

I'm in the same situation. Only we took a break cuz she's 18 and I'm 16. She gave it a try while we were taking a break. This is the first guy ever and she might be pregnant. She says she dosnt wanna ruin my life. But I love her. Unconditionally. We've been threw hell and out. I just don't know what to do. I know I can't give her children. But this is the person I wanna spend my life with.