I Am A Lesbian

I don't want to sound  stupid or silly or any thing, but if loving to eat ***** counts, well I must be one , but then again I'm a guy.

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6 Responses Apr 7, 2010

dam... i was gonna write 'hahahaha' but now you have said something that has offended me. flip, i don't even no why i'm on this thing. i want some milk.

If I offened anyone and it appears I did it was meant as a joke goes to show that very few can really take a joke, at least we still live in a sort of free country and we can still speak our mind, and I respect that, justhope we are able to keep these rights as I see way too many being taken away from us. As for moron it is just one letter away from a Mormon. I guess this as the wrong place for a a little humor.

Let's be original, shall we?

Stupid?....silly? Moron!! that's the word I think you were after <br />
How many times have I heard that one from men down the years?! I could tell you but there'd be no point as you'd have to be able to count up past 10 without taking your shoes and socks off!!

Is this some weird gender identity thing? Because why else would a guy want to say he's a lesbian?

Well too bad. You do sound stupid.