First Time Continued (still In The Living Room)

(Still in the living room;)
I slip my hand under your panties to cup the fullness of your vulva and then slide it over your lips as I sensuously and passionately kiss you. Mmmm you feel so, so good. I feel your hand likewise sliding over my *****. We can’t go there totally yet because there is so much more foreplay and pleasure to be had. I withdraw my hand softly caressing your inner thigh all the while kissing, sucking your lips and flicking my tongue into your mouth and letting you French me back whereupon I suck your tongue while reaching up to your neck and softly run my fingers over it. I break the kiss and start to kiss and lick your neck and nibble at your earlobe. You arch your head back to give me full access to your neck as I work my way around to your other ear; and neck under your ear. I feel your hand undo some buttons on my blouse and sensuously slide from my tummy up to my lace bra and your fingers cup and squeeze my breast indicating to me you want more. I kiss and lick my way down to the bottom of the vee of your dress and wrap my arms around you and pull you down on top of me. My skirt and slip ride up as I spread my legs to feel your full swollen pubis against me. My fingers are rubbing up and down your back caressing and feeling your body. The feeling of our breasts against one another only adds fuel to our mounting passion. I reach under the back of your dress and pull it up so the flesh of your curvy bum is exposed to my touch. Feel me squeezing your soft fleshy cheeks pulling your intimacy even closer to mine as I roll my hips back and thrust out the soft fleshy fullness of my womanhood to feel your intimacy against mine. I continue to devour your lips and tongue as I grip you tightly between my legs. My hands are now busy reaching for the zipper of your dress to release your body from your garmet. I release you from the grip of my legs and you pull back revealing a wet spot on my panties showing the passion of my arousal and need for your intimacy. You slip out of your little dress exposing the fullness of your voluptuous breasts now only restrained by your sexy demi cup bra. You jiggle them to taunt me as you reach down and slide my skirt and slip down over my bum and I lift up so you can pull them free then you finish unbuttoning my blouse and we pull it free revealing my breasts now only cupped by my bra. As I sit up you playfully jiggle your luscious mounds teasingly once more. I grab you and pull you close pressing our breasts together as I reach around your back and unhook your lacy covering and pull it over your arms. You arch back and stick out your gorgeous full sumptuous shapely ****. I eagerly reach back to unhook my bra revealing my 34 tripple D’s. Without hesitation we reach out to feel each other’s softness caressing, squeezing and rubbing our fingers over and softly pinching our nipples teasing them to rigid excitement. My need to kiss you again is overwhelming so I reach out to you and pull you close holding your head in my hands and intertwining our lips and tongues. I still feel your hands on my breasts as our breathing quickens and deepens and the heat of our passion grows. I stand up and pull you up to fully embrace your now almost fully naked body holding you close feeling your soft sensuous flesh against mine. I run my hands all over your naked back all around, up and down and to the cheeks of your buns feeling their soft fullness and pulling our thighs close together. You release my breasts and reciprocate rubbing my back and down to my nylon pantie covered bum caressing me through the silky material and affectionately squeezing me. French kissing you more, feeling the fullness of your voluptuous breasts and the warmth of your body against mind almost makes me dizzy clouded in the heat of desire to have you. We continue to rub our breasts together and alternately fondling one another until the need for more overwhelms our current level of arousal. My mind is racing with the thoughts of having you tonight in every way. I want each of our intimate parts to touch and feel each other, to taunt and tease until our sexualities melt together in a mesmerizing sea of female bliss. Right now all I want you dressed in is the aroma from your sexy perfume and the female scent emanating from between your thighs. I ***** off your panties and cup the fullness of your female curve squeezing gently to physically absorb it’s full beauty. The wetness of your arousal seeps out onto my fingers. You follow suit tugging my panties free and we embrace our full nakedness pressing into one another. The only other sensuality making its presence felt is the soft silkiness of our nylons rubbing together adding to the feminine feeling between us.
The bed is the only place to continue our romantic interlude allowing for full access and comfort for what is to follow. I take your hand and start to lead you and with a knowing look, you smile coyly and we scamper off to our world of pleasure giggling and **** bouncing in eager anticipation of the sensuality and intimacy to follow.
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Thank you,- I'm working on it Cherry.
Glad you enjoyed it so far. Check out my other stories in the mean time. All the rest is stuff based on things that really happened in my life.