Bisexual Witch

I am a bisexual solitary eclectic witch. I practice Wicca, non-wiccan witchcraft, shinto & hoodoo. I am in the closet, no one knows I'm bi and pagan. I'm waiting til I have a girlfriend to come out as bi and I may never come out as pagan. Things are easier for me right now if I just stay in the closet with both of them at least for right now.

I started this group because I didn't see any groups on EP for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsex, other...) Pagans that I could join so I just created one. I hope more people join and add more stories the group cause I would really like to meet other LGBT pagans.

This group is for LGBT Pagans of all ages so feel to join and post a story .

Blessed Be!
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I realize I'm behind on this, but I'm in a similar boat! I love in MS, so it's pretty unacceptable to be either of these. Turns out, even family isn't always forgiving about religious and sexual preferences.

I too am bisexual, and I find witchcraft and paganism absolutely fascinating. I am married and my wife knows that I am bi, but she does not know that I have an interest for witchcraft and paganism.

Please stay in touch.

I am the exact same way!! So good to know that I'm not alone. I've been hiding that I'm bisexual and pagan

Why do you hide your beliefs I did too for a long time and only when I became true to myself did I feel free

I hide because 1. I'd feel more comfortable coming out as bisexual if I had a girlfriend because it'd be easier to come if I had someone with me to support me and having a girlfriend would prove that I really am bi and not just saying I am and 2. I'm hiding as a pagan because I'm not sure how my mom would react to me having such different beliefs and to issues I have with Christianity so I'm not ready to come out as pagan yet and I'm not sure if I'll ever come out right now so I'm just gonna stay in the broom closet right now.