I Am a Pathological Liar

I have been a liar for a loooong time and its not been little either but ALOT of big ones. Ive just come to the realization about this and I feel really ashamed of myself but I cant stop. I want to get help but where to go? I already am seeing a therapist but I am even lying to her and not tell her about alot of things. I am a really shy person and I think this is the only way I can truely pour my heart out and tell SOMEBODY about all the stuff thats wrong with me...FAIR WARNING this may be long but I could really use some help...

I've been lying alot ever since starting college. I lyed about failing about half of my college classes because Im good with photoshop and all my grades were online. I actually got kicked out of school for 2 years and to this day my parents will never know. I told my parents I wanted a break and that I wanted to go to a technical school instead next semester. I actually got all my tuitoin back that semester when i got kicked out but i cashed it myself, then went on a lil vacation to chicago for 3 days with that money. I told my parents that I was helping someone move and that I would be in the car with them. I also stopped goin to classes for a whole semester and going to a friends house everyday instead of class. And for the final BIG one I told my parents that I want to go to an Adobe Class in CHI and its $800 to go for three days. I found somewhere that I can just take the test and get certification and its only $110. I cant stop lying but I cant and I dont know what to do.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Man I hear ya here, I've faked injury and gone to the hospital to get out of school which has cost my family a lot of money. Truth be told your here now and that's a good first step so congrat to you for that. I also want to say thank you for posting this because I found a lot of inspiration for my own life. Lying is a rough path and its not true that it only hurts others because it hurts us too. I've lied my whole life and i myself am struggling with what to do to make myself beter, i think the only thing we can do is admit when we have done something wrong and break it down from there... i know i lie a lot because i want praise and attention for doing great things... even if those things arnt true. i cant say that i understand how you feel but i can say that i have an idea. take care of yourself out there