Growing Up

I don't know if it is lying or what but growing up in an alcoholic family, I often had to make excuses for others behaviour, I learned that sometimes it was easier to make up a white lie rather than tell the truth. 

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6 Responses Mar 10, 2009 in the process of reading those books and get to a meeting when I can..thanks for your comment emerald

Well, I hope you have discovered some valuable resources like Adult Children of Alcoholics(books/groups) and Codependent No more by Melodie Beattie-very good book. It can be life changing. Good luck!!!!

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Lies just produce more lies. They'll never end. Best to just say the truth and live with the consequences.

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you know i grew up with a dad who drank. and i found out that covering up the problem was no good..i did it for years and justafied his drinking.. but when i got beat because of an alcoholic husband . there was no lie too cover the damage . so i learned the hard way to lie or cover up for the desises is no good no mater what