This Is a Great Idea

 That Bush, he is so funny. I am doubled over with laughing about this one. I seems that during the last few days of his administration he had some time on his hands. So, just for kicks he issued a rule that stated that it was now legal for people, just regular people, visitors, to carry loaded and concealed weapons in state parks and wildlife refuges.

Before this little rule had been put in place weapons in public places such as this had been severly restricted. But c'mon, I think this is a great idea. I think we need more average citizens carrying loaded and whoops...concealed weapons on their person, especially if it is in a place where I like to go with my children and my dog. Those trails are dangerous! There are after all, tons of birds, and they are twittering and making nests and just being a general nuisance. In fact there is all kinds of wildlife in these places and that makes for a pretty scary situation. Squirrels, geese, deer, -- take the lock off that pistol--you never know when you might need it. 

Waterfowl can be particularly nasty, so make sure you have extra ammo with you. Plus, I know that when I visit a state park there is almost always some kind of public rukus that must be brought under control, and who better to do that than someone with a gun? I ask you. And don't get me started on those park rangers--they are an egocentric bunch if you ask me. They have guns too, so if one of them looks at you cross-eyed you'd better have your hand on your piece, just in case. You never know what could go down.

I LOVE this idea and we have Bush to thank for all of these delightful images, wildlife refuges being the hotbeds of unrest that they usually are. I feel better knowing that people can come armed. 

Oh man. Oh wait...what's this? Son of a...some US district judge just overturned this rule. ****, The party is over. Someone break it to the NRA rep. Who does this chick think she is?

Great. I will never feel safe in a park again thanks to her. 

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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Hell, VP Cheney shot an old man one year, right?