Lie, Lie, Lie

I have the ability to lie really well. I think it all started from lying to my Mother growing up. I always had to hide things from her, my sexuality, my pot-smoking, my opinions, my feelings, etc. My mother is very religious so it was easier just to lie about things rather than tell the truth or tell her things about my life that I knew she would disapprove of. I got so used to lying that it became short of a habit after that. I would lie not only to save my *** but to make someone feel better or get what I want or I would just lie out of sheer boredom.

Being able to lie without much thought or effort has come in handy many a time, but like all things there are downsides, which I think outweigh the temporary relief of a lie well told. Guilt is one of them. The guilt you feel after you've lied to someone you care about is almost unbearable. Then there is distinguishing fact from fiction, once you lie about something for so long you start to believe it yourself. I saved the worst for last, the biggest downside of being a talented liar is the fact that you always feel like you're being lied to. Lying becomes such a big part of your life that truth no longer exists, not from yourself or anyone else.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

You are so right about all of that. At least you recognize it and can admit it. I have a guy friend who I know has lied to me and I am trying to get him to open up to me but do not know how. All I want is the truth from him.