A Very Dear Friend Of Mine Lent Me The Book "love Wins" By Rob Bell

And I'm not a avid reader...not yet at least.( I want to be) It usually takes me 3 months to finish a 500 page book. I started reading this book 3 days ago and I am almost finished.(granted it's only 200 pages, but still.) I don't know if I agree with everything he does, but I am looking at things a different way, which I don't normally do when I read other books that are written by pastors or evangelists. I feel like too many Christians put such a huge emphasis on where they're going when they die, that they forget about this life they are living here. I've been evaluating myself lately, and noticing that one of my major flaws is judging people, complete strangers that I have never met. And I feel like the more I continue to judge others, I am short changing myself because I can not grow when I am constantly doing that. I find myself more and more asking myself the cliched "is that what Jesus would do?" But it really does work, it gives me perspective and a reality check of how wrong my actions are. I still struggle with it, but it could takes some time to unlearn something I've been doing subconsciously for my whole life.

I find it sad that there are people out there saying Bell is not a Christian. Isn't that judging someone? Who knows the heart of any person but God? From the sounds of it he is more Christ-like than many of the Christians out there. It is really sad to see how people react to information that is new to them. And how quickly they are to shut it down as wrong, because it's not what every other church is saying. Or not the churches that are "right".

What if people did that with their education? "Well, my mom and day say the earth is flat, and you're a stranger I just met, telling me the earth is round? I'm going with what the people I've known my whole life believe."
If people treated their education the way they treat Christianity, there would be no point in going to school. Why question anything your parents told you? It would be calling them liars if you did.

That is screwed up logic, but that is how most Christians are.
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What was the book you borrowed? :) Thanks for sharing your story.

"Love Wins" by Rob Bell

I am such a ditz! It was really late when I read this last night, sorry. I see the title says this. I will check it out on Amazon xx

haha no worries:)