I write songs. Here are the lyrics of one I wrote recently -

Carpenter's cross

Verse 1

Who cut the wood for the carpenter's cross?
Who sold it on, counting profit or loss?
Which skilled men made the rope and the nails?
Forged the spear's tip, spun a shroud and a veil?


You say it wasn't you, would you have differed from them?
I say it wasn't me, would I have stood alone?
Just part of the process, taking orders again.
A link in the chain, but what if we'd known?

Verse 2

Who were the men selling wares at their stalls,
Making a living within temple walls?
Watching in shock as tables were turned,
Did they feel shame, or was it anger that burned?


Who milled the floor, who baked the bread?
Who cooked the broth that the 12 were fed?
Tired strong women or hard-handed men,
Made a meal that began then and never will end.


Phanuel Phanuel
46-50, M
Mar 10, 2010