Can't Deny It

I think the title of this group sums me up pretty well. I definitely love being the center of attention. I like wearing bright colors, form-fitting, low-cut *and high-cut*. I confess that if I could roam the world naked, I probably would. I love feeling free and uninhibited – unencumbered, by even clothing. I will be my own person, no matter who it displeases, within the restrictions of the law and generally decent conduct. ;)

I am artistic and expressive – often laying my heart bare in the things I say and write. I give and accept love and affection just as freely. It might be seen as reckless, but this is me and, frankly, it’s taken me a long time to get here and I love it. I feel so much lighter simply being able to love and accept myself for who I am – no longer trying to conform to the wishes or opinions of others.
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6 Responses May 11, 2012

I think that I've just read a description of a great lady.

You seem like a very lovely person Aurinne <3

Very nice, long time exhibitionist! I love showing off!

I have no problem with being naked,or wearing a thong in front of "friends". I have a web cam and share it as much as possible. I have pictures that I readily share. I figure if you wanna see,I'll show you.

"I need to shave my chest hair first"? That's freakin hilarious!!!

And, so it should ber for a Goddess such as yourself.