Never Underestimate Conservative Violence

I live in Louisiana. That alone should give you a hint. Rampant homophobia (and the adjoining homoeroticism that goes with it), religious extremism, and very small minds. I was raised an atheist, and was bullied mercilessly for it, and my brother got into a few fights over it. He never instigated any of them, but good Christian boys were fond of jumping him, and a hew good Christian girls have tried to jump my sister and I too. Because if someone has different religious beliefs than you, the best way to deal with it is by beating them up. It's the Christian way. And a part-Cajun girl who isn't Catholic? Well obviously I can't be a real Cajun. I was also raised vegetarian, and for some reason this really ****** people off. I have no idea why. Repressed guilt? Anyway, this was less violent (usually) and instead of trying to be understanding, many Southerners feel it's their duty to "convert" you to meat. Shoving it in my face, trying to sneak it into my food, and my father and brother always got he ever-popular Southern insult: ******!

The worst part? If I try to defend myself, they start screaming about how I am violating their rights. HOW? What rights am I violating? You just physically assaulted me for my beliefs, and I'm only responding with words to try my best to defend myself.

The worst I have ever seen, in terms of religious extremism, violence, prejudice, extremely tiny minds, and the absolute worst herd mentality, nearly killed me.

A single broken condom left me pregnant by a very typical Southern boy. I was young and in college, and I tried my hardest to keep an open mind, and I was dating a conservative because I figured "it's just politics." Well, I didn't think having the baby was a good idea, and suggested abortion to him. He flipped out. He said awful things. He called me awful names. He threatened me. He threatened to kill me and the doctor if I had an abortion. I made the most selfless and loving decision I could have made: I had an abortion. I was afraid of him, of what he would do to our child, and I had no means to raise a child by myself, and there was no way I would have a mentally unstable man with a violent streak touch my baby. It was extremely difficult to go through. Well you can imagine how he reacted. My ex went to his church and sought guidance from the parish. They all decided I was a murderer, a baby killer, a sinner, a blasphemer, hell-bound, whatever they thought was the worst thing they could say about me.

I can understand a certain amount of anger on his part. What I don't understand is the stalking, the death threats, and the vandalism. And no, this was not just my ex doing this. Most of the church, including the pastor and his wife, contributed to this. They didn't just threaten me, but my family. They told me they would kill my pet pig and eat him. They said my whole family was going to hell and someone should help us get there.

And then my ex tried to kill me. He attacked me with a bottle, broke several of my bones, and the only way I got out of there alive was by having pepper spray in my purse and running as fast as I could. Seems like this would be enough for justice, but because of my minority background (an atheist who had an abortion) he got 6 months in prison, and his church deified him. Because the best way to pro you're pro-life is by murdering someone. Through a lot of money and strife, I managed to get a restraining order against him and the church.

Both my family and I are still on the receiving edge of prejudice quite a bit. But now we're more willing to fight for ourselves. Conservatives like to paint a picture of liberals being soft and weak just because we aren't violent nutjobs. Just because I don't think we should dictate what people can and cannot do with their lives doesn't mean I don't own a gun, and it doesn't mean I can't shot it and hit you. I love my family and I have children in my life. I have an amazing boyfriend who is just as rare as me (vegetarian, agnostic, libertarian, and SMART) because, and this is going to sound awful, I didn't mix with them. I tried the "politics are just a viewpoint, there's more to a person than their beliefs" thing and it nearly got me killed.
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ahh that sounds soo horrible..i find it very difficult to believe the whole story!! i cant believe u had to go tru this!!!i really feel for u..

My condolences!

Bunch of hypocrites is what they are!
I live in Arizona....ugh the Republicraps here have a phobia of brown skin they are just as ridiculus and our governor is the wicked witch of the west Hitlers spawn herself, her son is in the state mental hospital prison section for raping and kidnapping women!!!!! The apple did not fall far from the tree!

Amazing story - you should share this with a larger audience. People need to be aware of what happens "on the ground" with these ultra-conservative people who are so close minded - and 100% certain that THEY are right. I so hope that someday we can get to the place where we can truly agree to disagree and not try to tell each other how to live. I think it's called civility : )

It's not just that they're so certain they're right- they're not just so sure they're right, but they want to get rid of anyone who thinks differently.

Hey! I live in Wisconsin (which is sometimes a blue state but only because of Madison and Milwaukee - the rest of it is pure red in the rural areas) and I feel for you.<br />
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I've been told I'm not a "Real Christian" because I believe in Gay Marriage and Gay Rights and also I am Pro-Choice. One time I expressed my opinion that you really couldn't claim to be for small government while still trying to control who people marry and what women do with their bodies and I was literally SLAPPED by a girl who weighed about 150 pounds more than me, and fell over. Typical Good Ol' Conservative Values.<br />
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Also we had a Jewish girl in my High School choir class who caught flack for refusing to sing songs that invlolved Jesus or Christmas. The same girl who slapped me would always go off on her every year (for four years) for being so "closed-minded." Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaah.