Story Of An Egyptian Liberal / Libertine.

I Am a Liberal and/or a Libertine In a Conservative State!
In both general terms and political ones.

I live in Egypt, a country where conservatism prevails and males dominates.
I'm a muslim born, spiritual believer (spiritual-Islam oriented), don't care for practicing it and nor do i intend to.. and dont care much for "sins",
living my life as I see fit. I'm also a very sexual person, sexually very open minded, and sexually active (not quit regularly as this is a conservative community). Also Drinking and Smoking.
I have a very huge respect for women (the more liberal, intelligent and independent, the more respect), and i enjoy their company ,whether innocently or not, a LOT more than men in here. 
I'm an Engineer, a Computer one and a Software one. (yes they are actually 2 different fields)
I'm intelligent (not a genius), very curious, analytic, deep-thinker, philosophical, friendly, a libertine, and VERY open-minded and I consider myself down-to-earth .. depends on your definition to it.

I love my country, yet I hate most of the people. and it hurts when I say that, I should've been proud! and I no longer want to live here.

Freedom of speech, belief and more is under constant attach.
Topics such as sex, is deemed either frowned-upon, ill-mannered, Taboo, or even forbidden.
Even more of those who dare speak of it, do it in an disrespective way.
Women's rights are completely lost. not as bad is other countries such as Saudi-Arabia, but bad enough. Liberal lifestyle is judged, women cant wear short and revealing clothes. they are automatically judged and in many cases sexually-objectified .
I must add that we are a sexually frustrated country in great denial !
Mixed-genders is also frowned upon, you cant be with a girl alone. you cant live with a female roommate. they think that it makes them "commit the sin" easier and hence it should be forbidden (and that a false claim upon religion, it smoothly warns from it but it DOES NOT forbid it!)
Drinking as well is frowned upon for social reasons not even medical.
These were just small examples, other examples are massive!

On the political side: we are currently suffering a severe division between "Civilian-powers" and "Islamists-powers" after a long awaited overdue revolution
(Part of the Arab spring: the 2011 Egyptian Revolution (check Wikipedia) internationally known for it's 18-days "success" and as one of greatest of our time, having literally millions in the streets.)

"Civilian" in here means pretty secularists (a word Islamists deemed falsely as an infidels) and social-liberals. Pretty much against Islamists (who are Ultra-conservatives, Ultra-right): from Extreme-left to right.

I'm a Liberal.
I'm a Libertine.
I'm Intelligent.
I'm Secular.
I'm Open-Minded.
I'm very honest.
I'm currently collecting my needed immigration-application-papers!
I'm determined.

Dear Québec,
I Sincerely hope you accept me as your citizen as I know you respect people.
Thank you.
sirscorpius sirscorpius
31-35, M
Dec 2, 2012