More Like "Classical Liberal" In a Nanny State

When I say that I'm a "liberal in a conservative state," I mean that I'm a classical liberal, or left libertarian rather, and I live in the United States, which is a country that values the opposite of what I believe.

I believe that government should be limited–––it should keep the peace, print money, run the post office, and essentially do the things that the Founding Fathers said government should do. Otherwise, it should leave us alone to pursue what we will, and realize that we, the people, run the country.

By contrast, it seems like everyone thinks that government runs the country, and accordingly, the government tries to regulate just about everything. People overlook the fact that the great things we have in life---food, clothing, shelter, and so on---are given to us by people acting by themselves, not by the government.

It gets tiring debating people on this: When I suggest that our Cabinet should be half the size it is, they balk at me. When I suggest that government harms more than it helps, they balk at me again. Ergo, I'm a liberal in what I consider the most conservative institution ever.

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No Diary, he means Libertarian. Republicans are no longer so conservative as they once were. I agree with his stance wholeheartedly, but I believe that Republicans and Democrats are 2 sides of the same coin and only bicker to keep us divided. Look at the shift in policies from Carter to Reagan, Bush to Clinton, Clinton to Bush 2, Bush 2 to Obama. They are all in it together with the corporate lobbyists to keep the average American down

Do you mean you are a REPUBLICAN?<br />
Cause thats what you sound like to me!!<br />
I love it. Love what you had to say and agree. Government was created just FOR the very reason you mentioned. FOR THE PEOPLE and Thomas Jefferson said "Government is a supplement to help those unfortunte but the actuality is the LESS governement is involved in our lives, the better democracy and country and freedom we will have~!

Couple this encouragement with turning a blind eye to derivatives and credit default swaps and a dozen other ratios that no one understands and you get... this mess. <br />
<br />
I worked as a mortgage officer during the housing boom. There's plenty of blame to go all around, no one is clean. It was collaborative greed and playing with money that doesn't exist. I forget the exact numbers, but I remember reading about how the GDP of the US was a few dozen trillion dollars, but if you actually looked at the amount of money being traded, it's more like a 1000 trillion. They're playing with money that doesn't exist, backed up by mortgage securities that SHOULDN'T exist because the loan shouldn't have been made in the first place, and the value of the home was overinflated by appraisers willing to fudge numbers to increase their sales numbers... <br />
<br />
And once those loans started flopping and going into foreclosure, house values tumbled, people's source of income dried up, and the house of cards came tumbling down. <br />
<br />
If you're curious how big a problem fake money is, you should watch the free online video "Money as Debt". It's interesting, and sickening.

Actually, I recently saw an ABC News special stating that the current economic recession is the result of too much government regulation. Government agencies were telling lenders to lend more money to people who didn't deserve it.

I would only disagree with the "less economic regulation" portion, since we're enjoying the fruits of such a policy at the moment and it tastes bitter. At the moment everyone is arguing over whose fault the lack of oversight was, but everyone agrees that we got here through lack of oversight and regulation. The libertarian economic philosophy has been exposed as a failure.

I don't know which side of the spectrum to align with. I just say "classical liberal libertarian"--- less economic regulation, tolerance of manners of private life, and having government protect us from theft, murder, and so on.

Republicans are libertarian wanna-bees, and Democrats are socialist wanna-bees. Of course there are exceptions and that doesn't fit every issue, but on many issues that represents the spectrum.

nice story. i think they are over involved also.

Thanks, guys. :)

Very well said.....<BR><BR>People need to remember what President Ford said.... "Any Government that is big enough to provide everything you need, is also big enough to take away everything you have."