My Brother Clarence Thomas

I don't think there has ever been an African African man as controversial As Clarence Thomas. He is neither popular in the African American community, nor with liberals.  By all accounts, he is a very warm and engaging person, gets on well with his fellow justices.  In fact, I read that he and Justice Bryer joke and pass notes to each other like school girls during oral arguments.  He takes thee time to know the names of all the law clerks etc. That having been said, he is to the far right of Anthony Scilia.  He rarely speaks during oral arguments, he travels and speak exclusively in conservative circles, and is rarely assigned to write the majority opinion in major cases.  Yet it was the confirmation hearings that are still an open wound for justice Thomas.

Thomas looks upon himself as the as the lone hero fighting for the traditional values of the constitution.  Therefore, he has not any gun control law that he likes, and definitely sees Roe v. Wade as judicial overreach. But like all conservative, Justice Thomas decries the self pitying culture of victim hood while wholeheartedly indulging in it.  Not a speech goes by where he doesn't note his status as victim of the liberal elite, the liberal press, the Hollywood elite, the civil rights establishment all of whom conspire against him for being a free thinking man.  It is also interesting that he fails to attack the substance of their arguments against him.  That fact that his detractors position may have merit sames to be beyond his reckoning.  and always will be because he has isolated himself in a conservative bubble that only agrees with his point of view and imagines the same persecution.  To never engage your enemy is to never see his humanity.  It also means he is unwilling to test his beliefs in the wider world of opinions.  My position on the justice has evolved from the pure contempt in which I held him.  I now try to discipline myself from calling him an uncle tom and a race trader, because I have learned to see his humanity.  But I still oppose, not the man but his opinions.
holloway64 holloway64
46-50, M
Nov 29, 2012