I Was Not Inducted Into My Ideology I dug for it knocked on the door and freely entered

I had to dig, to find my ideology. and people call me paranoid when I say the media manufactures consent creates a herd mentality and discourages people from asking questions. Some pretty major ones like what if you reject BOTH the free market dogmatism of adam smith AND the hard line STATE communist ideologies of stalinism?

The fact that you accuse others of not having the intellectual courage to question Adam Smith is enough to have most of our culture turn on you. And people wonder why I have trouble connecting with others...

Perhaps because other people exist in a world full of unfounded assumptions about the nature of realtiy that were taught to them by others in spite of the endless parroting of don't believe everything you hear.

They reduce me to an ideologue. I'm a hardliner social anarchist. Yep. But to ASSUME I'm a useful idiot and ad agency for someone like noam chomsky is ******* pathetic. It must cause some serious cognative dissonace for others to realize that I didn't WANT to accept the ideals of our market an found them so profoundly disturbing I ran and ran and ran until I found a better answer and then when I was told how unrealisitic is i DUG MY HEELS IN AND FOUND ABSOLUTE PROOF IT WORKS NOT JUST ON PAPER BUT IN PRACTICE
without politcal prisoners gulags or any of it. that the proles voluntarily organized corporations based on work place democracy and worked TOGETHER? HERESY!

except if ANYONE is reducable to ideology it's the capitalist kids who continue to support this system. they've been told by EVERYONE around them that this is the way it has to be so often that it's unthinkable that the world could be upside down and that it could have drifted there NATURALLY by a group of people who NATURALLY neglected to put forward intellectuals like noam chomsky out of carelessness and a lack of awareness of him. When the entire media structure is owned by 5 companies who all tell you that the free market is the ONLY way and your teachers genuinely believed it TELL me who is spouting talking points for someone else's agenda and WHO is NOT free thinking? What are the social consquences of me "becoming a freemarketer" and accepting the principles of Adam smith? Acceptance, love, honor, status, privilege.

Of accepting Noam chomsky? punishment.

You're the the people who are lacking basic human qualities. YOU. you're the the one's who are NOT free spirits and are NOT free thinkers. every aspect of our culture cries out for you to believe the lie: this is the only way it could be. To believe another world is possible is a conspiracy theory!

as for me?


I stand up to this stigma. I submit that these are my true feelings, not "Seduced into" me by the seduction of noam chomskies philosophy. I think for myself and I think you're a drone who THINKS you're awake, but you're horribly, asleep. You have NOT experienced multiculturalism. not the way I have at least.

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There's more truth in your post than will ever be heard from the so-called mainstream media. It's just a truth that's so unbearable to those embedded in a system that they've been indoctrinated from birth to build their entire belief system on. Even a suggestion that it might not be the "only way" or at least the "best way" is unthinkable to them, and many are also conditioned well enough to rush to its defense by any means possible...
Usually by slinging words like communist, conspiracy or puppet, and using labels like lunatic fringe or brainwashed. Some just can't fathom the reality and make no effort to "dig", as you put it, for the facts, while others seem to have some knowledge of reality but for their own purposes, they become a mouthpiece in support of a severely flawed structure and attack those who don't "toe the line" and who dare to question it. Their most used tactic seems to be to attack the messenger and not the message itself, which to me just shows the desperation of their defense. There are levels of understanding that they just can't or wont accept, since they identify who they are so closely with the system. To them, any change or loss of the system would mean the loss of themselves along with it. They've become institutionalized, much like a life-long prison inmate, except that they have lost the ability to see the walls or the bars, and the world outside scares them more than anything else could, and anyone suggesting that it's possible to step outside is someone to be attacked.

at least with knowledge of how the system works comes knowledge of how to subvert it to work for you, amiright?

True. Flaws and weaknesses in a system can be exploited once they're identified.