I Guess You Can Count Me In, Too?

I used to never be much into politics and certainly was never very patriotic....until 911.  After I watched that crap happen, I couldn't stop watching the news.  I'd come home from work, hurry & change my clothes then plant myself on the couch where I couldn't peel my eyes from any news channel I could find.  Then, one day, they had this candlelight vigil...we were all supposed to place lit candles outside the front door and I felt myself actually wanting to HANG A FLAG!!!  Well!  The minute I caught myself wanting to do that, i thought...wait a minute!  SOMEthing is NOT right, here!  I was well into my thirties and never gave a CRAP about a FLAG!  So, that got me to thinking.....witnessing an event like that...it was traumatic and I wasn't even in New York.  It scared me.  The last time anything had happened on our turf was Pearl Harbor and I was removed from that.  It didn't happen in my lifetime.  So, I started wondering about how so many people were suddenly so ready to just HAND over their civil liberties in exchange for feeling safe again.....similar with how I suddenly wanted to hang a flag so that (the bottom line) I could feel more aligned with the only people who could "protect" me:  the government.

I think any politician that makes it to a powerful office is screwed up.  The good ones never make it to the really powerful positions.  Bush Jr. and Bush senior are .... the current one is a JOKE!!!  And, there's been talk of Jeb taking office?????????  Well, hell, if his brother could steal the presidency, why not put a good ole boy like JEB in office, too?

Anyhow, I don't know WHO or what party to "align" myself with anymore.  I'm certain that I should have a say with a vote but our votes don't even appear to matter anymore.  I haven't been to any other country (besides Canada) and I hear from many people who have that America is one of the best countries, so I'm grateful that this is my home.  But, as far as I'm concerned, the best thing I can do at this point is look out for myself and take anything I can from the GREEDY-*** government.  None of them really care about "We the people," anyway.  Do they??

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3 Responses Aug 8, 2006

I agree with you 60%. The other 40% is about Obama. He isn't a joke, his hands are tight. Do you really think any president since Kennedy (that's why he is dead) ruled your country? Wake up! Read about it. One famous banker once said: <br />
"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." <br />
Until Kennedy refused to sign a bill, a very important one even, for Rothschild. And suddenly Kennedy was dead and Lindon Johnson did sign. One or two days after the final shot!!!!!<br />
The bankers messed up though, the taxpayer is bleeding now and they get richer and richer. Googke Rothschild/Federal Reserve/Bilderberg.org etc... You will not have fun reading, I warn you.<br />

"...just HAND over their civil liberties..." - good thought!<br />
I'm going to have to disagree about voting though. Don't let the illusion that your vote doesn't matter stop you from voting- that's part of their strategy!<br />
About other countries- don't take other people's opinions as fact. Visit other countries and decide for yourself. Or, at the very least, read up on some foreign political systems!

How strange. I was typing a comment - albeit politically sensitive - when the text suddenly disappeared. Probably just as well. We would never really want freedom of speech, would we?