Why Am I a Libertarian?

I think I am a Libertarian because I can see positives and negatives from both big political parties.



DRUGS- We have a huge problem now with these Mexican drug gangs.  The only reseason they exist is because of Americas passsion for them.  This may sound extreme but legalize them.  Drive the price so low that these gangs won't nearly make the profit.  At least legalize Marijuana.  We can grow it here, and provide a lot of jobs in the process.  I think this is a key drug to start with.  Tax payers don't need to be paying to keep these low level pot dealers in jail.  The government could tax the hell out of it, and make a fortune.  Or take some if that tax money to get people free rehab help for hard drugs like cocaine and heroine.  These policies work in Amsterdam, why not here.

GUNS-  I believe we have a right to bear arms to protect ourselves.  The reason the founders of this country made this a right is to protect ourselves not only from criminals but from the government itself.  Gun laws only seek to punish the law abiding gun owners.  The criminals don't wait 72 hours for a pistol.  They walk down to the corner, and buy one. 

Thats all for now.  Go libs!!!



cubsfan83 cubsfan83
Mar 27, 2009