For being under the sign of balance I feel so unbalanced.  Right now my life seems to be mostly down , having trouble finding the up side to get balanced.  Looking for help fellow Libra's
echohill echohill
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

I understand exactly how you feel.. I use to feel so outa wack, like I was juggling to many thins at once.. But libra is sign of justice, we tend to give great advice but find it hard to practice what we preach.. I have experinced this first hand.... One day a good friend of mine told me if I took my own advice for a change I would excel and concur over the opstacles I was facing.. Im not sure if this is one of the problems you are having but I hope you find some light in my response..

Thanks , and yes i do need to practice what I preach. right now I just stepping back and having a second look . things seem to be improving

Thats awesome.. we tend to be a little indecisive at times.. try to stick to one thing at a time and follow through.. I truly hope that things work out.. ;D