Libras Unite!!

Libra Description: Librans accomplish things because they intellectually evaluate what needs to be done, then they charm others into cooperating to achieve the goal. By unselfishly sharing the success of accomplishment with those who have assisted them, Librans nurture the cooperative efforts of others. They have to learn how to deal with confrontation. Their fear of hurting others and also of hostile situations can keep them from reaching their goals. Libra Positive Traits: Artistic, romantic and loving, a champion of good causes, intellectual, a good friend, strongly held beliefs, charming, sincere, a sense of fairness, excellent arbitrator and communicative. Libra Negative Traits: Moody or sulky, flirtatious, egotistical, vain, manipulative, overbearing and indecisive.   I agree with most of this, everything in bold I can relate to.

I know i've got some overbearing tendencies...

DuskButterfly DuskButterfly
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3 Responses Dec 24, 2008

Yeh, the confrontation thing is totally my issue, especially having a Sagittarius moon, which gives me the tendency to flee from responsibility, and Venus in Scorpio in the 3rd house, a series of factors that translates to, "Well, people are out to get me anyway, I should have known better than to trust anyone" lol

Yes we are a good bunch!

Despite our flaws we librans are a pretty good bunch!