Hi, fellow Libras! October 5 here :)
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Also Oct 5 😘

Oct 5 I m

I'm also a Libra October 21st WHOOTIE-WHOOOO!!!!!

Certainly sound " unbalanced " to me and completely off the "scales", Then again, I could be totally wrong! Give me a few years to think about it! Should I phone a friend?
Too- Wit- To- You -Too! Pat Lol! Maybe! Im not sure really!

Yay for Libras!! We're pretty well balanced people, aren't we? ;)

Uhhhh! Still trying to decide about that! Lol!
Ha ha! Pat x

Same here!!!!! Omg ha

This is so funny Im October 6

Hiya Oct the 26th!
True Librans don't have a sense of humour!!! Your barred, I think, well maybe, but I could overlook it , if you marry me?
Pat x. Now, we have shared our first kiss we will have to get married!! Pat x


Definitely not a Libran! Don't like this sense of humour stuff! your also barred, maybe,!
I hate decisions!
I remember the foreman handing me two shovels and asking me to take my pick!
I couldn't see the pick so I just went home, eventually. That was 2 years ago! Im nearly there now! Maybe! Pat x

Im sept 27th. We could all celebrate together if we could pick a day!!!!! I used to be very bad at making decisions, but Im ok now as I just don't know anymore!!!!
But on the plus side, we are very romantic! I think that s rubbish! Will you marry me? Lol!
pat x

I'm going to have to decline

Wow! Are you sure your a Libran? You just made a decision!!! lol
Pat x

Trust me, I'm torn over making other decisions in life

I am the same at times! :(

Well, one thing I am certain of, looking at your profile photo, you are beautiful!!!
Pat x

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October 21 here! :)