I Am..

I have read some material about Libras generally and I must be amazed. The most of things that are mentioned there seem to describe my character.

As other say, I am very kind, by very I mean very, very. I always offer my help if its asked or needed, even if the person who asks is cruel or unknown. I am also balanced person. Anger and strong words - are these things I rarely show up, so I am usually calm. I also can say that I don't like conflicts and try to stay away from them.

Another good side of me is that I am tolerant. I don't misjudge persons and I even avoid prejudice. But I consider my bad side the fact that I can't make sudden decisions, so I over think all before I decide something.

Cruelty and violence are the two things I don't like at all, these are the things that most of Libras don't like, well that's what I have read.

Yet, I don't concider myself as open-minded or person who can make friends easily. I think I don't have courage to say what I think most of the time. I also don't think I am egoist, that's harsh word for me. I care about others and don't think of myself all the time.

Well.. That's all what my sign says about me and it's interesting that most of things are true.

Maryel Maryel
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

WHAT A WIMP!! jk, but I'm sure others have given you **** for your pacifism.<br />
<br />
It takes a lot more courage and strength to turn the other cheek, than it does to take an eye for an eye. I feel you'd agree that we Librans exemplify such a statement...our intelligence is rarely the kind discovered through an IQ test, or borne through ambition, but it is the basis of our inborn mindfulness...which arises through constantly assessing, adjusting, aligning ourselves to philosophy and reality *as we know it*.