I Am A Librarian Student

I'm a librarian technician student, and I absolutely love my work. I put up displays in my University library, I organise story times for kids and sing-a-longs, I make fun things for presentations and love Dewey Decimal over Library of Congress. I'm really looking forward to finishing my Diploma mid-next year. I also have a bone tumour, and have trouble walking. You may think that makes things more difficult, and it does. Sometimes I collapse. Sometimes I get crippling pains. People pity me, and don't rely on me because of it. They think I can't do anything because of it.

I am a 22 year old library student, and I don't think I can be a librarian. I don't know if I'll be alive long enough to.
Avelovae Avelovae
22-25, F
Oct 11, 2012