Has Anyone Faced This Dilemma?

I have been working in my current office for almost 6 years. I have been doing hygiene for the past 8 years. I have been very happy with my job because I work close to home, the office is modern and beautiful, I am the only hygienist and my boss is not a high stress kinda guy. The atmosphere is friendly and not high pressure. However, several days ago my boss approached me with a new way that he would like to pay me. Right now I earn $45 per hour and I get 1 hr for appts. I get an 1 1/2 for quad scaling/probing/Arestin and teeth whitening. When I first came to the practice, he was giving 45 min for a hygiene appt. I had come from a practice previously that gave 1 hr and learned in school that this was the proper amt of time for hygiene and this is what I was accustomed to. So I requested an extra 15 min. He granted that to me and that was the end of that. Up until a year ago I was making $40 per hour until I requested a raise of $5 per hr. He granted me that. I want to mention that I don't get any benefits except for 2 weeks vacation per yr (15 hrs per week he pays me) and free dental for myself and my 6 children. That's it. As I mentioned before, he called me in and said that hygiene is not earning enough and he wants to put me on 30% profit. For example, I see my pt's for the day and after two weeks he takes everything that was posted under my code and gives me 30% of what he COLLECTS. So, for example, if our prophy's are $121 and the insurance company pays the office $70 I would get $21. He said that this gives me incentive to make sure my schedule is filled and that I do more perio and Arestin since it will be like my own business. I wouldn't get paid for cancellations for gaps in the schedule. Has anyone ever been paid like this? I am so offended. I am very conscientious, never missed a day of work in 6 years, have nice relationships with the patients and am very gentle and thorough with my prophy's. I feel like I am being blamed for the fact that my schedule is usually not filled, that pt's cancel frequently, that they don't chase pt's down for owed money and he bargains with pt's on payments. Does anyone have any feed back on this?
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yes RUNNNNNN!!! It is not your resonsibility to fill the shedule. He is being cheap at the cost of your hourly compensation. the example you used about profiting 21 dollars for that particular insurance coverage is bad. What he is doing is cutting his costs by taking away your hourly rate and instituting the fact that if you want more money then you husstle for it. that then places you in a stressful situation..hes using and abusing you. you will have to work harder see more patients to make more money. no brainer get out or that office will burn you out and at the end you will be broke. FYI: the hard workers that truley care and do the best for thier patients are always taken advantage of. This is his great idea for you however its a great idea because he will be benefiting from it. get out! its bad enough to be paid 45/hour. this new plan is all about money in his pocket and rewarding you at the cost of pay stress and burnout

Thank you so much for your input...as it turns out, I went into his office and told him that I could not do this arrangement, that I wanted to continue with being paid per hour and for my time even if a pt does not show up or I have a gap in my schedule. He said, "No problem". What a relief!!!

Filling Hygiene schedule is not your priority. It is that of the Front desk people while your job is to work Hygiene and close with the dentist for the purpose of helping pt's with there restorative needs . The office needs to have a protocol book to keep the dentist on track. You should be compensated for the pay you deserve not what he choose to give you. You carry the liability, as well as he does and you need to remind him of that . You need to sit down and talk with him. Only take Hr pay that's it.

That is exactly what I ended up doing...thank you so much for your advice!!!

only take hourly pay only. trust me. i am a dental hygienist in nj since 1988. i have a bs degree in health sciences and my local anesthesia degree. i am paid 42 an hour with full benefits and guaranteed hours less than 2 miles from my home. take into account all that you have but only accept hourly. it is his business and it is the owners and support staff's responsibility to keep the providers booked and productive. it is his choice to accept substandard fees from insurance companies.

Thank you for your response...I had a talk with him and I am sticking to my hourly wage for sure!!!