When In Rome

In college I had posed for a couple of art professors and a few artists they had introduced me to, but had never posed in front of a class because my college was so small. During my junior year, I studied Latin and art history abroad at the American Academy in Rome and the school had arranged a job as a teaching assistant to an art professor at an adjoining school for Italian students. The first two days I mostly spent keeping the professor's studio/teaching space clean and setting up lights, but the third day when I showed up he said, "you would work better than the plaster cast. You can get the rest of your hours in this week just by standing there -- ok?"

"Sure," I said. He told me to get undressed and said I didn't need to worry about posing because he would pose me. Unlike in the States where models usually wear a robe, I had no such luxury. The professor beckoned me out at the beginning of class in my birthday suit. The posing was nothing out of the ordinary, but the 45 minute lecture where I stood before the students as the professor explained (in Italian) various parts of my anatomy with pointing and turning me around was one of the more embarrassing moments of my modeling career.
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Hey there, I enjoyed your stories, you might enjoy mine listed under "My Art Model Initiation" it was a pretty daunting first time experience. ACE2010