Looking For That First Experience

It's on my bucket list. Though I lack the glamour, thought I would like to try. Any thoughts?
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Mine as well! Have you done it yet?

on my bucket list as well! it is a fantasy that is amazingly detailed in my mind.

good luck im trying to get started my self im 47 , very hard to get a chance.

Many people don't understand what life modeling truly is. They have all types of misconceptions about what it's like and think it's only about the nudity. Fact is many artists work with the clothed or partially clothed model with a few working strictly with the nude.
Having an extensive background in art I recently decided to pose for a well respected artist in my area. The reason why I made sure she was well respected and legit is because I've heard horror stories of people going to some strange so called artists home only to find out they were a fraud.
After I knew exactly who I was working with I made sure I liked the type of work she does. Coming from a martial arts background and currently doing bodybuilding I immediately lived the work she was doing. It had a lot if character, emotion and expression of movement.
Now seeing that this was my first time posing I was a bit nervous seeing it was my first time and had no idea how to pose.
All this disappeared after I saw how passionate and professional she was about her art work. She had me just remove my shirt and leave the rest if my clothing on. For her it was about the art and not just having a naked body in the studio. During multiple conversations I learned how tough it really is to create from the human body and have much more respect for what the artists do than ever before.
It's even motivated me to start doing art again for fun even though I'm not looking to get into drawing nude figures I would like to start drawing faces and hands again.
These artists are very serious about their work and as a model you have to realize this. Not all work from the nude because that's not what it's about and you don't have to be built like a Greek god or goddess.

It's called "life modeling", not "hot body modeling". As a pro model told me via email, "You are never too old. It is called life drawing so if you are alive you would be an interesting subject." Most artists would rather draw a model with an imperfect body than another Ken/Barbie clone.

From the Bodyscape site:

"I would love to pose but I am too fat, too old, too skinny...

"You must be fairly confident and adventurous to disrobe in front of the artist. However, wrinkles, love handles, birth marks, cellulite, curves, creases and folds are no obstacle to modelling, on the contrary, they are evidence of a life well lived and make the drawing that much more interesting."

From a PM on the Wet Canvas art site: "Actually you might be very surprised to know that hot babes and buff dudes are few and far between in the world of life models. And you might also be surprised to know that teachers and students alike love senior citizens who model for their classes! That may be because we are responsible enough to actually show up and try hard to do a good job and also because, in my case, I have an interesting body to draw. So I would encourage you to try it if it is something you might like to do."

If you have the opportunities for sessions within a reasonable distance, go for it. It's infinitely better to try it and decide against it than to stay at home and never know. And more than likely, you'll be hooked.

Peace and blessings!

You need not concern yourself with glamour or a lack thereof. The most important thing is having sort of a stage presence that is interesting to the artists. By that I mean remember that you are a "live model". To achieve this I try to choose poses that are action oriented or thought provoking. Do some research on the Internet. Search " life drawing model images" and things like that. You'll see what I mean. Good luck!

Hi. Agree withkittyswitts comments below. If you are still considering giving life modelling a go then go for it. I have just joined the group and posted a note. I hope my advice and comments help you decide to try modelling. You should find it a lot of fun. If you think going nude to start with is a bit extreme try doing a portrait session. You keep your clothes on. you can progress from there. Best of luck.


Thanks. I've been on the other end and want to try it for the experience. Your comments are valuable.