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Hi All. Since writing my previous piece Life Model and Anatomy Model I have given some thought to expanding upon it. My main advice is about what you as a model might find useful to take with you to a session. I would advise you take: a bath robe or something similar that you can put on and take off quickly and easily, a bath towel, a sheet or largish piece of material that you can spread out but is not too heavy, a piece of foam rubber to stand on, a couple of small cushions. Now down to the reasons. When you model at a private session the organiser will probably have most of the props. When you model at an education establishment you will find they do not have much in the way of props. Most of the people/students seem to expect you to cover up when you are not actually posing. Take a robe. The floors at some of the places you will model at are concrete and in the winter they are cold. The foam rubber over which you can place your sheet will keep your feet and your bum off the cold floor. Many of the stools you get asked to sit on are wooden and hard and the floor is hard as well. A small cushion(s) are needed. You may well find the establishment does not have any cushions so go prepared. The towel is primarily for hygiene reasons. You are going to sit on stools etc and you do not know who has sat there before; lay out your own towel over your cushions etc at least you know where it has been. Towels are easy to wash not so cushions so keep your cushions covered when in use. I expect the above sounds like common sense but you will be surprised at the number of models who do not give their ‘comfort’ etc much thought before they attend a modelling session.

If you would like to contact me direct please email me at: I will try and answer any questions you may have if I can.

As I said before artists are keen to get as models on their books as possible. The demand where I live, way outstrips the supply. Artists want to draw people and they want a variety: male, female, young, old, fat, thin, short, tall etc. I once overheard an artist saying that she wished they could get a large lady or man to draw because she was fed up drawing skinny models. I am just an ordinary male, 65 years old who has a face many artists like to paint but I am certainly nothing special. Artists think I have a very Roman look and frequently dress me up as Julius Caeser in toga etc. It is a lot of fun. If you want to see what I look like go: I am project number 4, the page is coloured blue and Titled: ‘Role Model’. My email address is also on the project. The web site manager saw some nude pictures of me on a friend’s web site and asked if he could do a profile of me. He liked the look of my face and body and thought I would make a suitable subject for his project. What you see on his web site is the result. He would like comments so if you visit the web site please say something. Please do not be rude but constructive comment is welcome. For all you aspiring life models I hope you will look at the web site because you will see that I am nothing special but as I am in reasonable demand to pose for artists/students so will you be. So go for it. Once you have broken the ice and got your first nude pose underway you will wonder why you were so worried. If you are still concerned go to a nudist beach and join in. You will see all shapes and sizes and although everyone will be nude at least you will get the feel for being nude in public. You will also note that nobody takes much notice of you. Artists/students are much the same; they see you as part of their work. But they are usually very grateful that you have posed for them and will give you encouragement.
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Thanks for your post and offer of help.
Here's my new post that I also will help inspire :-)

I'm completely new to life modelling, but how this came about was through the inspirational experience of a very close friend.
I thought I'd share this with you, because it gave me much to think about....for myself.

A close friend, who is an artist, told me about a year ago that when she went to her regular life drawing sessions, she was regularly asked to pose for the group.
"No way" she told me, "I'll never pose naked for my friends and collegues. I don't want them staring at my naked body!"

About two months ago, she told me that she had done it.
I was gobsmacked.
She went on to tell me, very enthusiastically about how much she enjoyed it and was glad she had done it. I was very impressed and pleased for her....and just sat back and listened as she went on for a long time with enthusiasm.

She inspired me with that enthusiasm. I'd never thought of life modelling previously, but then she explained something else.
She talked about what she'd found difficult and challenging.....holding 'gesture poses' for very short periods.

This was new to me because when I was at Art School, our models only held long poses.

My friend said that she found it hard to think of a variety of poses to offer.

This is when my imagination kicked in.

I've been practicing Chinese martial arts for many years and an essential part of the training involves holding static postures for some time to test postural alignment.

"Hey, I could do that easily and have no problem with a variety of poses!"

That was my moment of realising an opportunity of very personal pose naked for an art group and offer martial arts postures for the artists to be inspired.
They could see the very precise alignment of joints during postures that could not be seen when someone demonestrates them fully clothed.

I've no problem with being naked in front of genuine artists, because I'd be practicing my own training but in an entirely different situation. I could offer some unusial (martial arts) poses, from my normal training routine, that could be really interesting for artists.
I'd be midfully focussed on my body alignment, breath, and mental focus......and everyone else on their art.

How difficult could that be?

So, as a novice life model, I have some bookings already :-)

The first is with a professional artist who is very interested in what I can offer. So much so that she has booked a venue especially so that she can have a session with me in private!

I'm sharing this experience with all of you here for this reason....

We all have a 'comfort zone' and prefer to live within it.

Outside (the scary world) ther can be opportunities that can inspire and challenge us, with wonderful rewards.

My shy friend, the artist, was exhillarated after her experience of life modelling.

Right now, I'm feeling pretty good about my new experiences, thanks to her inspiration :-)

Very helpful. Thank you.

Well, I went on my first assignment last week and survived! I had read your post earlier and went to the grayandwise site, too, and enjoyed (and was heartened) by them. Thank you for offering your insights and your story. Your friendly, conversational style and your practical suggestions helped to calm my initial jitters. I wasn't terribly concerned - it was only a head portrait sitting with 4 sessions of 30 min. each - so I will be more worried for my next gig, but coming and rereading your calming "voice" is nice.

Hi. I am glad you liked my story and you got some encouragement from it. I have been modelling for over 10 years and I still find it a lot of fun. Some of the paintings and drawings are brilliant. If you would like to email me I will send you some pictures of me and the drawings etc. My email is:

I note you have been on the grayandwise web site. The web manager would like comment; he puts in a lot of effort putting the pages together and constructive comment is always welcome. I know he is on holiday at the moment so if you have already left a comment he may not have seen it. If you did not leave a comment I would be very pleased if you would go back onto the site and say something; hopefully something nice. Please let me know if you do say something on the site.

All the best. Chris

erection problems/

Thank you for your supportive comments. I am glad you liked the grayandwise web site. Lots of love Chris

That was very informative. Thank you for the tips. :)

I am really glad you thought my story informative. I hope it helps you. I try to be as helpful and constructive as possible. If you want to see what I look like go to the grayandwise web site.