Pocket Money

When first in college at age 18 I was saying to my girlfriend I wanted to find a job to earn some beer and pizza money. Her friend Heather was a art student and said they needed models. Not being shy about my body (I grew up in an American-Finnish community where nudity was just a fact of life in this "sauna culture"). I modeled for four semesters and it was great. The instructors all guided me at first as to what pose they wanted. Over time I developed my own "set lists" and kept sort of a stick-figure journal. Fast-forward to 2010..... The subject of modeling came up while talking with an artist friend. Their group was in need of models and I was "convinced" to return to the trade (although it didn't take much convincing actually!). Now, with the internet, I can find all sorts of new and creative poses to work from. Surprisingly I could still remember many poses from my earlier days. I do a session about once ever other week for two different organizations. It's a hobby; an outlet for me at this point and I love it.
Jesse50 Jesse50
46-50, M
Feb 3, 2013