First Time

A friend of mine was a Fine Art Student,one day when I had called for a chat and a coffee she informed me that she was having problems with her new module,which was life drawing and jokingly asked me to pose for her and her freind,after a long conversation i agreed ,so the following Tuesday I returned to her house and very nervously  waited for her freind to arrive,while wating she explained that she required some short 1 minuete poses and then we would do some longer poses.Her fellow student arrived and the realisation hit me that very shortly I would be stood naked in front of two attractive women,they soon said should we start and I blurted out something like yes but but but never having stuttered before I just shut up and began to undress, in doing so I could feel myself becoming aroused I stopped and explained that I was sorry but I could not do it as I was becoming erect ,they both laughed and said well we dont mind it's all part of your body so now even more embaressed I continued sure enough I was stood there with a massive erection ,don't just stand there she smiled start posing and so it was my first expierience, for nearly 20 minuets taking on various poses trying to ignor my arousal.

Finaly this subsided and I became more relaxed and within two weeks I was posing for 6 of her student freinds,without any problems,I became a model for the local college and occassionally I do personal sittings for a couple of students during these sessions I am asked to be more erotic unbelievable as it may seem the very thing I was scared of I now get asked to replicate :-)

Gibbo1 Gibbo1
41-45, M
Mar 5, 2010