I spent all weekend barefoot and shirtless, including the picture framer, Arby's sandwiches, and getting my hair cut. Ended the day at a Mexican restaurant (put my shirt on for that) and the hostess seated me barefoot with no problem. But after I'd already ordered, she came back and asked me to put shoes on. I have answers ready for all the "reasons," hers being safety, glass etc. I told her "I promise to assume full responsibility for my own safety." Remarkably, she let it go at that. It's not usually that easy. When waitpersons refuse to serve me, my parting pronouncement is, "I hope you die hungry!"
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

Went for a two hour walk last night. Concrete, asphalt, small pointy rocks, the last 15 min were hell on my feet.
Most of my foot stomping is inside and in the grass. I'm diabetic and I'm supposed to always wear shoes. Problem is, when I wear shoes in my barefoot areas I tend to trip over them. With them on. Anywhere else, no problem. D'feets knows.