Mass Gunmen's Beginning Into Raging Hell

Mental illness can range from PSTD to fits of rage then killers. There are parents who have reached out for proffesional help and people need to be aware that this is not isolated. Its becoming a serious and dangerous issue where care givers are telling parents there is nothing they could do unless they are charged for a crime, this is a mothers story that I copied and hope this will make people stand up and do something about this antiquated system.

In the post-Newtown debate over mental illness, a distraught and exhausted mother has written a chilling portrayal of life with her troubled son and the health care system's shortage of options. The boy, "Michael," remains undiagnosed, and despite medication he continues to exhibit a hair-trigger temper. His mother says Michael shares characteristics with gunman Adam Lanza and other mass killers, and during his unpredictable episodes he makes frightening and violent threats. The mother's lack of help is typified by her meeting with a social worker who informed her that their best option is to get Michael charged with a crime, because "That’s the only way you’re ever going to get anything done. No one will pay attention to you unless you’ve got charges."

There is a second part to this that will anger you.
redtailfree48 redtailfree48
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Dec 16, 2012