Tonight there is no solace , no emotion , no thought is soothing the newly marred and bludgeoned hope. The blood of my hopes is spattered and dripping everywhere the hope that i created in 10 into my ugly marriage has died or died again i guess . The corpse of my hope is laying there and there is no one to cry over it no one to feel sorry for it no one to condole me nobody to console not even the higher power not even the nature nobody is sympathizing no one affected as if everything and everyone turned their back on me saying you fool deal with your disaster yet again .
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It takes time to fix a broken life but it can bed one. One step, one day, one person at a time. Good luck to you

I am really thankful to God and to all of you folks for the support and help i highly feel obliged and appreciate for you being here for me !! :)

I wish I could offer words that could help you

What is all this about anyway have no idea what has supposed to have happened what have you lost that has ruined you life.

You still have your health and strength I take it ?
So what is wrong. Please could you be more explicit.
Have you lost your home in a huge disaster or one of your family close to you ?


If only getting a divorce or he has walked out get up thank God for small mercies and get on with it. it is only a man after all plenty of those around.

Am sorry you did not say you had an STD they can cure this with treatment I am told do not fret so much you will be ok.

Treatments are great these days hang in there sorry about jumping the gun


i really hope thats a joke.

No I do not joke I am serious
If you think this is serious hope you do not have too
many curves in your life.

There are people walking around out there with death sentences hanging over them. with a smile and good attitudes people lost their home animals everything including lives in dreadful fires

People with Aids and some not of their own doing either.

So come on get in the real world it is about time.


How can you not understand such symbolism? It is a work of art in her way

Sorry never could understand abstract never been keen on it either.
Prefer to be in the woods not judge from the trees


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You have a way with words, I don't want to say it was nice to read given the context but definitely made your situation more interesting I suppose would be the right words. I'm sorry to hear things are so rough, I hope it gets better or at least easier for you.

****...I am thinking of divorce and my wife will be shattered, this poem doesn't make my thinking/choices any easier.

If i may *puts on glasses to examine corpse* this Body branded as "hope" is not dead. Hope is something inside us that WE fuel, the fact that you are fueling this thing with straw and not gasoline is your choice. (if that makes since.. imagine hope as a flame inside u) The reasons no one is near this body this corpse is because its not dead or gone. Its waiting for you to accept it and fuel it once again with passion, with new love for the world and new desires to go and show the world how amazing you truely are. And About the "my ugly marriage has died." Well its time to turn coal into diamonds then. coal when compressed with enough stress makes a diamond, the stress is closing in and causing the damage to you so that you will see the diamond inside you and shine the darkness over the coal and reveal the beauty inside. yes marriages end but their is a new journey waiting for you, but that corpse won't move itself. So Grab the gasoline get your life in overhaul mode and brighten this dark realm you are in. Show us if not thm then me that your not just coal waiting to be burned up but that you are a diamond. Unbreakable no matter what tries to shatter you. and that nothing will stop you because passion is fueling the flame and with that no one can slow you down. I hope this helped you at some point, if it did I am glad. and hope you have a great night.


no problem hoped it help if you need anymore help feel free to message me.


C'mon, don't give up hope. Do you want to PM me and talk about it?

I havent given up it just died its gone i am empty handed awake n tearful

Oh my Dear! Is there anything I can do to help you?!?! 😔

Nobody cant do nothing i dono what's ahead its all dark its all death

C'mon Ana! Maybe I can help. Would you like to talk?

Thanks but tonight is mourning i have to face the agony bear the pain cross another sea of fire

I read some of your back story. Herpes 1 is not the end of the world. I was married to someone who had it. It didn't hurt our relationship at all. Her leaving to go back to her native country hurt out relationship. I never got it from her and we made live ALL THE TIME! 😊

Who would want me anymore

Whos gonna kiss me love

The moment they will know i v herpes they gonna leave

That's not true! I didn't leave her! She left me. 😔 I didn't let that stop me from loving her.

I think you needa look into getting some help for depression hun. Meantime, eat some chocolate, watch a good movie, take a hot bath, be good to yourself..

Everybody is not you hon

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