Fem Boys Are Hot

I am gay.  I can turn my fem off and on and it's all real.  All who I am.  I love sexy lingerie and think it looks awesome on guys.  Boys and men turning or just being fem is very erotic.  Not for everyone, but you know, **** them!!!

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4 Responses Oct 21, 2009

Clothing does make the person and who says we can't have a little fun from time to time. We get so hung up on what people wear but yet can't get our act together on the important issues that this country faces--no, I won't go into them, we do know what they are-- Today we restrict ourselves and our youth to what is "normal' sorry, if you have seen one obscene printed T-shirt, you've seen them all and pants falling to the knees? sexy? not for me me just mean you can't pull up your pants. If this was a few people I might give it a passing go by but not an entire genertaion ( yes, I'm probably over doing). I applaud anyone who does the different, whether that means wearing stockings and shorts or a Speedo and Sport shirt to the local "wherever". Define yourself, be creative, it can be good and it can be fun and exciting. Life is too short or we age too soon--still trying to figure that one out. Its the squeaky wheel that gets oiled! Enjoy!!! Fem-wear, guy-wear, anywhere!!!!!

Everyone please just keep being who you are. Compared to the the true horrors in the world unleashing our true selves and sexuality is so benign. Life is nothing but evolution and nothing will change if some of us don't break down these imaginary barrier. Fem wear, guy wear, mix it up, it's all good, it's all hot. Panties and jeans & boots, why not? I'm there!

you look very sexy in your short shorts and heels. although i'm stright i love when a man wears short shorts and skirts. i'm also a crossdresser who loves to wear womens denim shorts / skirts / panties / pantyhose. i love dressing like a woman and acting feminine . so michaeldickey keep on dressing feminine and wearing those sexy very sexy short shorts.

Tell me what you like about it? Does it right a bell with you? I refuse to play by the rules. I am a homosexual man who happens to love being gay and everything that implies, including being feminine, wearing panties or other lingerie. Sometimes I'm more butch and sometimes I'm a total ***. It's all good, especially when I mix it all together. Top and bottom roles bore me to pieces. Give me another total ****** to play with any day. Also, society needs to accept us fully, but I'm not going to give them what they want by proving that "we're all as boring as the rest of society". We're queer baby and I for one love it!