Seriously. No one needs a whole set of dressers to hold their stuff. But I do. It's worse than a shoe thing, I think.
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Don't feel bad. You're not the only one sweetie.

funny you should say that! I would rather have womens shoes than lingerie! I love a women in Keds sneakers! they are so cute and sexy! big turn on for me. Lol

I love this. I am a lingerie junkie too. Doesn't look good on me at all.

LOL... my preference is a LACK of lingerie... not withstanding that most of it does look great!

I think for most of us that are no longer 20 something, a little lingerie hides the flaws, accentuates the good stuff. It's like visual foreplay.

But of course it can come off once it's work is done!

Is there such a thing as a flaw in a naked woman?
Accentuation can be good but natural curves and movement have their beauty too!
Foreplay... why is it called that when there is only two people there?

NOW you are

Oh yes, there IS such a thing as a flaw in a naked woman. Trust me on that one!

Don't think you have any little flaws. You just perfect the way you are.

I agree 100% ...Beautiful lingerie enhances a woman emotionally as well as physically a d definitely accentuates the good stuff. I love the visual foreplay with lingerie on then the process of slowly help taking off see the good stuff even seem the best stuff w/o on.....the work is still not done but begins......
Must complement you that you write beautifully well..... Almost a dream....

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