Rare Publication

I guess I reached a new level of controversy in getting the attention of an Anon, being the detective I am  .  .  . I've got a pretty darn good idea that the anonymous 'admirer' would not know romance if someone lubed it up and jammed it up a few choice orifices. Doubtful that it is anyone in my circle or formerly in my circle for the only people I know who are boobie crazy are my sister and several EP friends of hers. And I don't think anyone on my probation would be stupid enough to try to play the game and get burned by the Flame. Fortunately the AIQ will run out of steam once they discover they can't catch me, they can't hurt me and they can't play and lay me. Like the song says: 'You're looking at the REAL DEAL NOW.
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Jul 19, 2010