My Daughter-in-law

Well, this wont take long but it's worth the telling, so here goes. When my younger son was footloose and fancy free with not a care in the world because he was getting everything he needed right here at home, my late wife and I had started reading in Literotica - She was really interested in developing her language skills and because we've always loved anything sexually oriented, reading stories about all things sexual was a natural for her.
Along the way of reading about women who enjoy multiple sex partners, we came across a story by a young woman from Macon, Georgia.
She told in several of her stories how she had always loved sucking ***** from as far back as she could remember. And she told about how she almost equaly enjoyed sucking *******. And, she told about her desire for being in a sexual environment where she could experience multiple partners of both sexes. Her stories really had the ring of truth about them and we developed a strong interest in getting to know her and to know more about see my wife was very Bi and our family encourages open and bi-sexual activity.
We found through the Literotica web-site that we could respond to her stories and so we did, to every one of her high marks for style, content, and motivational strength. She began responding to our positive comments and our hints about our lifestyle and it wasn't long until we exchanged e-mail addresses with her. By the time we'd sent the 3rd or 4th e-mail to her, we'd shared some of her stories with our free-wheeling son. He took a mild interest only because we didn't have a picture of her, but he did want to read all her stories and we directed him to her Literotica account.
His interest in her grew as he read and as he began exchanging e-mails with her. They swapped pictures, then telephone numbers, then snail-mail addresses and soon a full-blown relationship was developing between them. So, we invited her to come to visit our home during the Summer and that's how she came into our lives in person. Her name is Gabriella and she is of Italian descent, with long dark hair and deep brown eyes and a beautiful face atop a drop-dead-sexy body. She hadn't been in our nudist home 5 minutes when she disrobed and and revealed an olive-skinned form with a neatly trimmed bush and a pair of large, almost black areolas surrounding two half inch erect nipples. Our son was smitten!
She stayed with us almost a week and when she learned that we were an open-sex family she fit herself right in. How clever she is, she first got close to Rita, my late wife, and when they had coupled, she then came to me, and after our fun she went to our son. By then he was almost foaming at the mouth, so they connected powerfully and completely. When she left us at the end of the week, our son went to Georgia with her to meet her family. Then, in less than a month, she returned to Arkansas to set the plans for their wedding.
I suppose the main thrust of this story is that Literotica can be a means to a wonderful end. Hopefully someone, somewhere, will enjoy this story and find it helpful in their own quest. Good luck to all
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Nice! Has she had relations within her own family, either before or since joining your family?

part of me has always been a hopeless romantic, I always luv hearing about happy endings, especially when they evolve into promising beginnings...

That is really cool. I love it.

What a great way to "add" to the family! Hot story with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing! :-) dc

I am guessing they are still together. What a great way to meet someone of like mind. Do you still get to share her on occasion?

I'd say it is a story worth telling. Thank you for sharing such a touching love story. Nice that you and your wife were able to give her your 'seal of approval' before she got to your son. I suppose he knew that your wife and then you thoroughly approved. Just the kind of a daughter-in-law to have in the family, too.

It's amazing who a person can find online, isn't it? :) I hope to meet her someday with the rest of her family.

I enjoyed this story a lot, thank you for sharing!!!

Thank you, she's a great part of our family

YW :)

it is an amazing site and i hope one day to post stories to it

Arkansas' motto is "The Natural State" some of us take it seriously

wow there is love in these works of words huh? cool!

yes comes in all sorts of places and ways..

Cool? Yes, - HOT too!

Hi.I don't have any links, her pseudonym on Literotioca was Gloria..she hasn't written in a long time as far as I know and I don;t think she ever had a picture on the Literotica site... yo have links to her stories and pictures?

Oh wow. I love Lit, and Macon is not that far from here. Hope they are still enjoying lit

yes, i'm fairly sure at least reading is going on..our favorite form of literature

Now that is a feel good story with a happy ending and I loved it! Thank you for writing it and I hope you all continue to be blessed in life and love.

Thank you, I'm happy you found it pleasurable, and I appreciate so much your good wishes for our continued joy in loving each other